Own your movement, own your swing™

My name is Gavin Ryan and I teach golfers to own their movement and own their swing!

In golf, your movement is the foundation of everything you do. And your movement is unique, just like your finger print. The challenge you face as a golfer, is that until you’ve optimised your movement, any training you receive is of limited value. It could even hinder your ability to swing and increase your risk of injury.

Thankfully, there’s an answer. And it’s exactly what you need.

Here’s how I can help you

I will maximise your movement, to what you are truly, physically capable of.

It will be your movement. Based on your exact physicality. It will be your swing. Optimised for your ultimate performance.

The results are amazing, because you’ll have the foundation of your game in place.

Here’s why this is critically important.

  • You’ll increase your distance to its maximum. The movement limitation you currently have, whether it’s from physical injury or compensation, etc., will be worked on; to fully unlock your swing potential.
  • When your golf instructor explains what you need to do, you’ll be able to do it. So you’ll enjoy better results, from your instructor’s expertise.
  • You’ll get more from your fitness training, speed development and power training. That’s because it will be helping your swing, rather than hindering your swing.

In short, you’ll be building your game on an optimal version of your unique movement. Just like the world’s leading professionals.

Would you like to finally unlock your true swing potential?

Would you like to have the exact movement training you need, in order to establish your best golf swing?

Then let’s talk.

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Gavin Ryan

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